There’s No Hiding Place Down Here
I Went To The Rock To Hide My Face
And The Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place
There’s No Hiding Place Down Here

During my life it seemed there has always been something to worry about. When I was younger the Soviet Union was seen as the great menace with multiple nuclear Warheads pointed straight at us. But the Soviet Union disintegrated and instead of worry free living, we moved into an era of terrorism. If it isn’t terrorism, it is weather patterns. There is climate change and hurricanes that seem to get stronger while earthquakes proliferate.

Yes Y2K turned out to be nothing, but now we worry about 2012. Yes there have been and will continue to be something to worry about in this world. The slave singer noted something very true, that this world in which we find ourselves is not only not going to be a place of peaceful living, but it will also like the rocks in the song cry out to us “no hiding place.

Oh yes there is no hiding place down here. While we don’t evacuate this world, we look to the day when God will ultimately make all things new and will wipe away all tears from our eyes.(Revelation 21:1-5) Then and only then will this world be the place that God originally intended. Until then we continue to work to see the glimpses of the kingdom that God gives us. Until then we “occupy till the master comes.”(Luke 19:12-13) Until then we work in the interests of the coming kingdom.

Holy God, we come before you recognizing that we cannot hope for ultimate protection down here. We pray that you would continue to send your blessings to us. We also ask that you would help us to allow your kingdom to shine through us that that kingdom might come into full fruition in this generation. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


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