Sinner Please Don’t Let This Harvest Pass
Sinner Please Don’t Let This Harvest Pass
And Die and Lose Your Soul At Last
Sinner Please Don’t Let This Harvest Pass

There is a strong “evangelistic” mode to many of the spirituals. We do know that some of them were “coded” having a dual message of current realities and the apocalyptic ending. So they would be singing about the end and at the same time singing about the underground railroad that would lead to freedom.

But no matter which of the two realities the singer is addressing there is deep within this great desire to bring this “salvation” to those who are listening. Using the imagery of “harvest” we know that the singer is talking about an event of a certain duration. It is not something that you can easily put off till later. It is something that you must do now. The singer hopes and desires that the hearer will not let this time pass. The singer is hoping that the hearer will seize the moment and move on into salvation. As noted, this salvation does include the salvation that God gives us by God’s grace through Jesus Christ. But it also includes the forward movement into God’s purpose down here right now.

Today, many of us find ourselves in situations that are not where God would have them. We know that God “opens doors that no one can shut and shuts doors that no one can open” (Revelation 3:8). We know that God shapes circumstances, but we continue to live in the mediocrity of now. God has called you to another place. God has made a way to another place.

One of the major points of this Spiritual is this urgency. Don’t let “this” harvest pass. The time for forward movement is now. The time to ensure one’s standing is now. The time is now. Stop waiting for tomorrow, don’t let this harvest pass, move on into God’s tomorrow, right now.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for the urgency that your ministers have as demonstrated by the singer of this spiritual. We pray that thou would help us to seize the day and make sure that we will not let this harvest pass and step into the future that you have promised.


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