Great Day,
Great Day, The Righteous Marching
Great Day, God’s Gonna Build Up
Zion’s Walls

It is absolutely amazing that those who found themselves in the midst of slavery could still muster up hope. This hope served as a death sentence to hopelessness. This spiritual reminds us that the hope is based in God’s future action. God is going to do something in the future that will turn around this situation we are in now. This something in the future is that “Great Day” we look forward to.

We see that there is a building up of the walls of protection, but there is also a bringing together of the righteous. You see the righteous will be marching presumably into Zion. Today we are scattered. Think of the slave who has had his family broken up by the vicious slavery found in the America’s. Yet one day this will be turned around and all of those of us who are righteous will walk into that Zion. Those righteous may be on the other side of the ocean. Those righteous may be on the next plantation, and those righteous may be here on this plantation, but they will all march on that “Great Day.”

Today you may find yourself in what seems to be a hopeless situation. The slave singer asks us not to give up, but sing along with her that a Great Day is coming. In that day all of the things that are tore up today that should be rebuilt will be rebuilt by our Loving God. In that day you and I and the rest of the Righteous will march into that new reality. Never give up on tomorrow, just look to that great day!

Holy Father, we thank you for not just the Great day that is coming, but we thank you for the promise that we can cherish and help us through the difficult days we even find ourselves in today. Strengthen our resolve that we might be among those who help you in the wall building work that you are actively involved in even at this time. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


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