January 10

Jesus Is Knocking

Sounds Like Jesus
Somebody’s Knocking at Yo Door
Ohhh, Why Don’t You Answer
Somebody’s Knocking at Yo Door

I like this spiritual because like many other spirituals it is tied closely to scriptural imagery. In this case it is the knocking of Jesus at the door in Revelation 3:20. But secondly I like it because the singer has an idea who is the one knocking. The singer thinks that the sound of the knocking is like Jesus.

I don’t know what it is about the knock that sounds like Jesus, but the singer knows. Perhaps it is the sound of the knock. Perhaps it is an earnest knock from one who greatly desires to come in. Is it that very loud knocking of a friend who knows you are in there, but is not answering? Maybe it is the light knock of one who knows that he is expected? Whatever it is the singer has such a relationship with Jesus that she can say that it sounds like Jesus.

Another thing I like about the song is that the singer knows that if it is Jesus, you very much watn to answer. She greatly encourages the listener “why don’t you answer.” Today in our lives, Jesus is knocking at the door. Jesus wants to come in, and it is good if you would let him in. Let us like the singer, let Jesus come in to do that which only Jesus can do.

Holy God, we thank you for coming to our door through you son Jesus. We beg that you would stay a bit longer that we might open the door and allow you to do that which only you can do for us and in us. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


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