Deep River
My Home Is Over Jordan
Deep River, Lord
I Want To Cross Over Into Camp Ground

Not too long ago we saw a spiritual where we simply uttered our despair. This spiritual is close to that, but it goes a little further and simply states what the singer wants. There is a gulf standing between the singer and “camp ground” and “peace.” The singer states that she wants to go to there. It is an important step to groan over the pain, but it is also important to be able to articulate what you want and where you wish to go.

The genius of this spiritual is that this very human desire for a better place was not stamped out of the slave by the vicious slave system. Certainly the singer may have given up hope that a better day was coming, but the singer has not given up the “desire for” that same better day. You see as long as you can hold on to the reality that there is some place else I want to be and that there is someplace else that God “has for me” then even if you can’t appropriate it, even if you don’t believe it will happen anymore, just holding on to that desire will propel you forward and also help you to creatively deal with any situation you find yourself.

We all find ourselves in a situation where a better place, the promised land, is before us. However like the ancient Hebrews, there is a Jordan standing between us and the other side. As long as you can sing this song and hold on to the desire to go over you will not allow the reality that “you do not belong here” to go out. Ultimately you shall see that land. And if you die on this side of the Jordan you can know that death itself cannot eliminate God’s promise.

Heavenly Father, today we have the temptation to be comfortable in our present situation. Please help us to hold on to the vision of that better day and even if we lose faith in its coming to pass, please help us to hold on to the desire for our real home which is in your purpose. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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