September 14

God Is Still God

Moses came to God and asked “What is Your Name?” God answered “I am who I am” or “I was, I am” (Exodus 3:14). This old country Gospel song is a good jump off point for this reflection. God simple is. “God Is!” When you are in the midst of despair on the mountain top. “God Is.” Whether you make your bed in hell, “God is.” (Psalm 139:8). Whether God shows up on cue with fire from heaven. (2 Kings 1:10) “God is” Oh Yes God Is. Whether you are in jail and the church prays you out (Acts 12:11). “God Is!” Or whether you find them coming to behead you. (Matthew 14:10). “God Is!”

God is, and we can be happy that God Is. We are not happy that sometimes we have to be in the valley, but we can be happy that “God is” even there. Oh Yes, God is still God. The singer got so happy thinking about the fact that God is still God. God is bigger than my circumstances. God is larger than my pain. I may not get everything I want down here, but I can be happy that a God who has the world’s best interests at heart is above and leading. Oh Yes, “God Is!”

I will not preach to you that “God is gonna give you the house”, I don’t know…But I can preach to you “God Is”…”God Is” is true whether you get the house or not. “God Is” will help you live in the house better or even accept the house you have now. In fact “God Is” will be a blessing to you even if you lose your house…Oh Yes, “God Is!”

I’m not gonna say that you won’t get cancer. You may, and you may not. But I can say that “God Is.” Oh yes the God on the mountain is the same God that is in the valley. Yes Satan may do certain things to you. Don’t let anyone fool you, the enemy still has some power, but it is only for a short time! (Revelation 12:12) The enemy also has limited power, because the enemy can’t take God out of your soul. So go head on and cry, life hurts, Go head on and cry. Go head on and sob, but don’t cry like one who doesn’t have a hope. The hope that God is!



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