The sermon should begin by telling the story of the man who brought his son to be healed by Jesus. The story should be told completely and in a way that people can feel, see, and touch the story. I would say that you tell the story from the centurion stopping Jesus up until Jesus told him that his servant shall be healed. Then give the three points. After that pick the story back up on the way home for the celebration.

Check out Pastor Charles G. Adams’ sermon that he preached at the New Baptist Covenant Celebration. The sermon can be found at this link.

My classmate, James Moultry, sent in this link which is on the Big Daddy Weave website. That is a Baptist blog that some of you may want to check out.

Isaiah 25:6-10

The Pervasiveness of Death

It has been said that we begin dying as soon as we are born. I don’t know how true that is, but at some point all that God has created eventually slows down and dies. We all begin our life with the limitless possibilities of an open future. Almost imperceptibly each of those open doors begin closing until the last door closes on our fragile existence.