Broken Saints – Chapter 4

Reverend Dexter and Deacon Barry stood in a small children’s Sunday School room in the back of the church.

The animated conversation had been going on for a few minutes when Reverend Dexter whispered with an intensity that rivaled a loud yell, “How long have you known about this?”

“I didn’t know. I told you Carter Harold always has something up his sleeve and it wouldn’t be easy.” Deacon Barry said calmly.

“No…you told me that it was done and we had won…”

“You better bring your tone down.” Deacon Barry said.

“My tone? You talking bout my tone? We have been working on my taking the pastorate of this church for a long time. You told me that everything was on schedule, and now we find out that Harold is making Trey pastor. What have you been doing?”

“Calm down Dex, I ain’t gonna listen to you much longer.”

“Calm down? do you realize how much of my time and effort I have invested in this? We have invested in this?”

Deacon Barry smiled and said, “Listen I ain’t your gopher, I don’t let Carter talk to me like that. So I ain’t gonna listen to you either. You work for me, I am the head of the trustees…”

Reverend Dexter raised his hands in resignation.

Deacon Barry continued,”…and I will walk out of here if you don’t treat me with some respect…Bring your voice down…Now!” Deacon Barry yelled without regard to who might be listening at the door.

Reverend Dexter brought the intensity in this voice down and his face softened.

“Now we can talk…” Deacon Barry said.

“What are we gonna do, we have been setting up my taking over this church for the last couple of years.”

“Well we are about to release that tape. I have a friend at the news station who is gonna play it.”

“Then what?”

Deacon Barry laughed. “It’s gonna be a fight. This is not going to happen overnight. Our power was in Carter wanting to keep us quiet. Trey is a choir boy, we ain’t got nothing on him…At least nothing yet…”

“So what, after all of this effort I put into this church we gonna sit back and let Trey run this church into the ground? Trey? That brother can’t preach his way out of a paper bag. If we don’t do something he is gonna kill this church.”

“Am I talking to myself? I said we are still going to fight.”

“What does the bylaws say? Is there something in there we can use? I don’t think you realize how fast this church will fall when Trey becomes pastor.”

Deacon Barry raised his voice, “Dex, we will release the tape, but that is about all we can do. Let’s see what happens. The Church bylaws gives the senior pastor the right to name a successor. The pastor can appoint anyone he wants to appoint as pastor and it is quite common for the senior pastor to appoint his son…”

“So you on his side now?”

“I’m on my side. I don’t want him to be the pastor any more than you do. But…”

“If they had a vote right now, this church would vote me as pastor in a landslide, come on let’s do a church vote.”

Deacon Barry raised his hand as if to say stop and said, “Dex, there is nothing we can do right now. I will see you at Wednesday Bible Study.”

“So that’s it?”

“Let’s release this tape and see what happens.” Deacon Barry said while walking out of the room.

Monique rushed by the door and almost bumped into Deacon Barry.

“What are we gonna do now?” Monique asked him as he continued walking.

“I know what I’m gonna do, what are you gonna do?” Deacon Barry responded gruffly to her as Reverend Dexter looked on.

“I have some information that might help…”

“I ain’t got time for this. Go talk to your boyfriend…” Deacon Barry answered.

“Why are you mad at me?”

“I told you I ain’t got time for this.” Deacon Barry said as he rushed off.

Monique walked into the Sunday School room.

“I can’t wait till we get rid of that Deacon.”

“Would you shut up!” Reverend Dexter yelled as he shut the door.

“…He might have heard you…” Reverend Dexter continued in his intense whisper that he had used earlier with Deacon Barry.

“Come on, you know you don’t like that smug Deacon Barry either. He is worse than Carter.”

“I don’t like him, yeah, but we need him…at least now we need him.”

“He had one job and he blew that.” Monique said.

Dex’s face took an inquisitive look and he said, “YOU and Deacon Barry had one job and YOU both blew it.”

“No baby, you know I…”

“All I know is that you and that Deacon met with the pastor. You and that Deacon told me that I was going to be named pastor. And now neither you nor that Deacon got a plan to make me pastor.”

“Now hold up…”

Dex interrupted, “Maybe I should have gone and talked to Carter myself, I couldn’t have done worse than you two…”

“Maybe you should have…”

They glared at each other.

Can I even trust her? Dexter thought as he returned her gaze.
Dexter wondered which side Monique was on. She had been church secretary for years under Carter Harold. And there were always rumors that there was more going on than just filing papers.

He was surprised when he heard of the plan put together by Monique and Deacon Barry in that both of them hated each other with a passion.

Ultimately, neither Deacon Barry nor Monique were in Dex’s long range plans.

Dex already had his eye on a woman at one of the churches he often visits to preach in.

Dex smiled, “Come on baby, we are gonna be all right.”

Dex hugged her and Monique smiled.

“You almost made me forget. I was just talking to Carter and Lady Janet showed up. She is mad about this turn of events and maybe we can use that.”

Dex smiled and said, “What do you have in mind?”

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