January 4

Are You Empowering Your “Haters?”

There is a term that is often used amongst many called “haters.” Haters are those who don’t like your progress and will talk about you as you ascend and may even attempt to derail your upward movement. The concept is not a new one in that in the book of Psalms the term that is often used is “enemy.”

One thing that is interesting about the term is that we speak so tough against these “haters” and yet the large amount of time we give them demonstrate our great fear of them. Why is it that so many songs are talking about how we ain’t scared of the “haters” or “later for the haters?”

Simply put, we strengthen the concept of “haters” in our own lives as we magnify them. Why do we spend so much time giving them “props”? As we strengthen the concept in our lives by repeating our disdain for them we start to see haters behind every bush and conjure them up whether there may or may not be any real ones. Everyone ain’t your hater. Many folks don’t care one way or the other. Many are apathetic to you. Some actually desire your good. Some may truly be a hater of you, but in the end, you really don’t know, all you know is what someone told you someone said about you….

One of the great drawbacks to this “hater” hatred is that we lose the ability to turn a hater into a friend. As we spend more effort to identify and speak against “haters” we turn these enemies into more solid enemies. I am under no illusions, some will hate your progress no matter what you do, but there are some who can be transformed into friends. Abraham Lincoln asked “Am I not destroying my enemies when I make them my friends?” In his life he turned enemies into loyal friends not by identifying and attacking them but by treating them like friends.

Another drawback to our spending so much time speaking against our “haters” is that we have less resources for our friends. If you are speaking against your enemies, you have that much less time to glory in your friends. You have less time to praise your God. You have less time to dwell in the land of positivity. We only have limited resources, don’t waste them on those who do not have your best interests at heart.

So I’m gonna ask you to do what you already say you do. You say you don’t care what the haters do…OK move on. You say the haters can’t stop your progress…well keep on giving them more to be upset about as you ascend. You say “later for the haters”…well then let them go, shut up about them, and move on. Your life will move from the negativity that genuine hater thrives in into a positive limitless future that is only constrained by the sovereign will of almighty God.


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