“Troubles of every kind, thank God I’ll Always find, that a little talk with Jesus makes it right.” 

The singer finds herself in the midst of trouble. This is not just regular troubles. No, this is troubles of every kind. Many of us can identify with the singer.

When our hot water heater goes out at just the wrong time, we have troubles of every kind. When our only reliable transportation has difficulties, we have troubles of every kind. When our children fail to live up to the principles we tried to instill in them, we have troubles of every kind.

Yes we have troubles of every kind…and if anyone knows this fact it is the singer. The one who faced daily attacks on her humanity. The one who realized that his children, wife, or friends could be wretched from him at any time. The one who spent years in the midst of a literal hell on earth, that one knew what trouble was, and yet that one also knew how to change that hell into something that deserved the term “all right.”

And that one thing was prayer. A little talk with Jesus made things all right. It didn’t make things all right because the “troubles” were removed. It made things all right because now there was a someone to walk with the slave in the pains and heartaches of life. Things were made all right because the pains were no longer faced alone.

So today, let us all go to our knees and talk to Jesus who will make us all right, in the midst of any trouble we have to face.

Holy God, we thank you for ensuring that even our trouble can be turned all right by our connection with you. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.


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