Wrong Time For The Blessing

Proverbs 27:14 reminds us that there can be a wrong time even for a blessing. When it is time for something else, and someone comes in and loudly shouts, even the right sounding thing, we can find our blessing turning into a curse. This scripture gives the example of someone yelling the blessing to wake up the sleeper. It is time for sleeping. Sleeping has benefits and is a needed by the human body. However, someone might feel the need to wake up the sleeper to give her a blessing.

Yes this is a common occurrence. Maybe not while literally sleeping, but often we find people giving us “blessings” when they are either not needed or not helpful. In fact, even when the sentiment is true, we might be giving the “blessing” at the wrong time. How many have been told to keep their chin up because God will be a “doctor in the sick room” right when the person has not even dealt with the reality of the diagnoses? How many have been told to “stop crying” for God will bless you right when that one’s spouse has died?

Certainly these sentiments may be true, but just as the blessing that wakes the sleeper is the wrong time and becomes a curse, so does our promises of God’s aid at the wrong time. Certainly we should and must bless folks, but what this text tells me is to make sure that the blessing is at the right time, or it will become a curse to the one receiving it.

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  • Rev. Kelly

    Elder Cox,

    This article reminds me of a story I once read about a woman who visited her sick friend in the hospital. Her friend had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness and was overwhelmed with the news. Instead of comforting her friend, the woman challenged her friend's faith and asked why her friend was saddened when God allowed things to happen as they did for a reason and a purpose. The woman's friend was hurt and angered by her words, but too mentally shot at the time to object.

    Rev. Kelly