Getting Realistic Expectations About The President

Like many other Americans I can remember that night when President Obama was elected. Like many other African Americans, I thought that we would never see this. I enjoyed the time like many others, but then i began to see some troubling things emerge.

There was a Facebook group created with the name of “Let’s Change the word’s form We Shall Overcome to We Have Overcome.”

I can remember the T-Shirts with Obama, Martin, and Malcolm all together. Many thought that they had elected a Black messiah. Now President Obama didn’t run as a Black candidate. No, he ran as a moderate democrat who only talked about race when forced. But for some reason, even radicals (black and non-black) jumped on board the Obama train.

Well, it certainly had to be a problem. And it was fueled by Unrealistic expectations.

Dr. Wilmer and Dr. Watkins both discuss this in this 20 minute video.


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