A Wonderful Read

"Just completed "I Call Your Name"...what an awesome reminder that just as easily as God gives us a gift it can be taken away. However the message was a great one...now only did Tommy's life turn around when he trusted God and not lean to his own understanding but he was a blessing in the lives of others!

This was a great book...can't wait to share Mr. Cox contact the information with others."

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Deep River Review

As a Pastor's daughter I can relate to the drama that happens in church. This book had me hooked from the beginning as each secret unfolded and skeletons fell out of everywhere. When I got to the ending it was like you better have a second round because I'm still hungry. I'm sure that it is coming soon.


"I love your style of writing. This story was written well, full of mystery, humor, Grace and Forgiveness. The characters were real and easy to identify with.

I am a new fan!! Keep them coming please and Thank You.

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