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Look To That Great Day

Great Day,Great Day, The Righteous MarchingGreat Day, God’s Gonna Build UpZion’s Walls It is absolutely amazing that those who found themselves in the midst of slavery could still muster up hope. This hope served as a death sentence to hopelessness.

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A Long Way From Home

Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless ChildSometimes I Feel Like a Motherless ChildSometimes I Feel Like a Motherless ChildA Long Way From Home I love the spirituals because they speak truth even when it that truth is not popular or

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Jesus Is Knocking

Sounds Like JesusSomebody’s Knocking at Yo DoorOhhh, Why Don’t You AnswerSomebody’s Knocking at Yo Door I like this spiritual because like many other spirituals it is tied closely to scriptural imagery. In this case it is the knocking of Jesus

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Gimme Dat Old Time Religion

Gimme Dat Old Time ReligionGimme Dat Old Time ReligionGimme Dat Old Time ReligionIt’s Good Enough For Me Someone said “honor your roots.” This is not to say be totally controlled by them. Neither is it to say that we uncritically

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Soon-Ah Will Be Done With The Trouble Of This World

There is something about Mahalia Jackson singing. Here she takes on a spiritual that has words of hope as well as reality at the same time. We are in this world of pain. Yes there is pain. Yes we will

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Be Ready For The Opportunity

I, like everyone else, have been fixated on the magnificent story of “Second Chances” that Ted Williams gives us. Williams, to those few who do not know, was a homeless man who fell on hard times after succumbing to drugs

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