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Someone Is There

I Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray,I Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray,Way Down Yonder By MyselfAn I couldn’t hear nobody pray You ever felt like you were all alone? The world can be a terrible place when you are alone. I can remember

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Don’t Turn Around

Don’t You Let Nobody Turn You Round, Turn You Round, Turn You RoundDon’t You Let Nobody Turn You Round, Walking Up The Kings Highway One of the biggest issues standing in the way of forward progress is perseverance. We start

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God Wants To Be With Us

Every year around this time when I was growing up we made the long trek from Kansas City, Missouri to Etowah, Tennessee. I can remember getting up at 1 am as my father would pack the cars and me and

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Wrong Time For The Blessing

Proverbs 27:14 reminds us that there can be a wrong time even for a blessing. When it is time for something else, and someone comes in and loudly shouts, even the right sounding thing, we can find our blessing turning

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Traditional or Contemporary Worship…So What?

How do you Praise God? Today we have battles over the music that is sung in church. We have the traditionalists calling us back to the solid songs of their youth. They argue that the best music supports the church

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